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Product Overview
Rotary Connector
>Circular modular
>Special type
Slip Ring
>Slip ring collector
>Slip ring carbon holder
Carbon Holder
>Rear cover type
>Constant force type
>Carbon wear alert
>Alumina extrude
>Extrude type
>Injection type
Special module slip ring
Biaxial parallel type and Cantilever design type all belong to special types of rotary joint. Its slip ring is a standard through-hole slip ring, and the center position of its axis has Ø16mm ~ Ø90mm can be gone through by pneumatic, hydraulic tube or shaft. The precious metal fiber brush contact with multitouch, long-life design, precise dual ball bearing and aluminum shell. The advantage is reliable, low drive torque, low electronic noise, small size and other characteristics.
rotary joint rotary joint


.Smooth unlimited 360 ° rotation, to fully meet the
 image current signal and data transmission.
.Ring having 200 ring, for long high-speed circuitry,
 signal conditioning, data Transmission.
.Compact high-performance, low-torque, low noise,
 no noise interference, low wear, low power
 consumption, running smoothly and reliably.
.Small form to meet limited installation space.


.can greatly simplify system design, reduce
 mechanical volume.
. can reduce the cost of machinery manufacturing and
. Resistance to shock, vibration and extreme
 temperatures, long life.
. Short delivery.
. Modular design, can be customized from the small
 amount to the large number of production.
. Electronic signal transmission specific connector 
 ring, the product quality is better than in Europe and

rotary joint
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