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Product Overview
Rotary Connector
>Circular modular
>Special type
Slip Ring
>Slip ring collector
>Slip ring carbon holder
Carbon Holder
>Rear cover type
>Constant force type
>Carbon wear alert
>Alumina extrude
>Extrude type
>Injection type
Carbon wear alert

.Have same function with aluminum rear cover with carbon holder,
 but have the advantage of lower cost.
.The Long Hawn's rear cover with carbon holder is manufactured by
 adopting various special hot plasticity plastic materials, and is
 provided with high impact endurance. In addition, it is also the
 high-quality dielectric material certificated by UL.
.Rear cover with carbon holder can withstand the highest condition
 request to the heat, moisture, and conductibility.


The wise carbon brush holder will send an alarming signal before the carbon wear out.
Then you can renew the carbons before the electric motor be damaged.


Home 3C electric apparatus, Electric tools, complete range of AC / DC Motor.

Cable connection