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Product Overview
Rotary Connector
>Circular modular
>Special type
Slip Ring
>Slip ring collector
>Slip ring carbon holder
Carbon Holder
>Rear cover type
>Constant force type
>Carbon wear alert
>Alumina extrude
>Extrude type
>Injection type
Injection type


.Injection Brush Holders type adopts various high shock-resistanting
 and the dielectric special and hot plasticity plastic material
 certificated by UL to manufacture, can bear the highest condition
 requests include the heat, moisture, and conductibility.
.Be applicable to twin rewinding type constant pressure spring brush.
.Aim at the special application of customers, we have experienced
 engineering personnels, so we can discuss and provide the best
 material to you at any time.


Home 3C electric apparatus, Electric tools, complete range of AC / DC Motor.



Item Part / no. Carbon spec
01 CB7151 7*15
02 CB8160 8*16
03 CB7210 7*21
04 CB1012 10*12.5
05 CB0818 8*18
06 CB0608 6*8
07 CB9720 9.7*20
08 CB1122A 11*22
09 CB9220 9.5*22
1. This type especially suit in long carbon life demand.
2. Most items can add carbon wear out alarm unit . Please confirm with our engineer.
3. All above items have patterns in USA , China & Taiwan.