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>What is a slip ring? 
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What is a slip ring?

The connector slip rings are also known as electrical rotary joints, conductive ring, slip ring and belong to the combination of electrical contact. It`s the precise transmission devices in order to achieve power transmission, data signals and image of two relatively rotating mechanism.

The slip rings especially suitable for continuous rotation applied to unlimited, while from a stationary position to the rotational position of the transmitting power or data. It constitutes of the components of the brush, conductive ring, insulation materials, adhesive materials, combinations bracket, precision bearings, dust cover and other auxiliary parts and other components.

Brushes use the metal alloy material and the conductive contact with symmetric double ring groove, with the elastic pressure of the brush and the contacts of the conductive ring groove to transmit signals and currents, must have the characteristics of high abrasion resistance and stable sliding contact.