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Product Overview
Rotary Connector
>Circular modular
>Special type
Slip Ring
>Slip ring collector
>Slip ring carbon holder
Carbon Holder
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>Constant force type
>Carbon wear alert
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>Extrude type
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Flange collector ring module
The feature of flange collector ring has a flange for installing and two choices of hollow out line and hollow concentric shaft. This series of products with unique low-impedance, low interference changes for small devices transmit electronic signals specific type collecting ring. Especially suitable for that conventional slip ring is not competent in the field, such as high-speed transmission tiny voltage, high-frequency, EMF, thermocouple, PLC control, digital audio, any rotation of the body ... and so the signal and power.
rotary joint rotary joint


.Length dimension 60mm (4 rings), 86mm (8 Central),
 112mm (12 rings).
. Maximum power 3 amps / per ring.
. Small size, light weight.
. Low drive torque, low wear, low power loss problems.
. Produce low noise, low electrical noise.
. Bus can dust and anti-wear
. Customized design, can be used for long high-speed
 circuits, signal transmission.
. Customized design, installation and replacement
 easier, more economical.


.can greatly simplify system design, reduce
 mechanical volume.
. can reduce the cost of machinery manufacturing and
. Resistance to shock, vibration and extreme
 temperatures, long life.
. Short delivery.
. Modular design, can be customized from the small
 amount to the large number of production.
. Electronic signal transmission specific connector 
 ring, the product quality is better than in Europe and

rotary joint

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