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Slip ring carbon holder
The role of the carbon brush holder is to put the pressure into the carbon brush which is sliding on the surface of slip ring through the spring in order to transmit the electric current steadily between the fixed and the rotating body. For motor, brush holder and brushes are all the important parts. No matter how good characteristics carbon brush has, when brush holder is inappropriate, the brushes not only can`t give full play to its excellent features, but also will bring huge impact on the performance and life of the motor.
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. The brush holder owns good mechanical strength,
 workability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and
 electrical conductivity properties.
. The brushes use the metal alloy material with
 excellent elasticity stress and anti-wear
. Solid structure.
. Customized design, installation and replacement
 easier, more economical.


. Simplify system design, reduce the mechanical
. can reduce the cost of machinery manufacturing and
. Resistance to shock, vibration and extreme
. Short delivery.
. Low wear rate and long life.
. Welcome to a small amount of production orders,
 customers special specifications acceptable.
. Product quality is better than Europe and Japan, at
 reasonable prices.

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