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Product Overview
Rotary Connector
>Circular modular
>Special type
Slip Ring
>Slip ring collector
>Slip ring carbon holder
Carbon Holder
>Rear cover type
>Constant force type
>Carbon wear alert
>Alumina extrude
>Extrude type
>Injection type
Slip Ring
Slip ring can be used in any time of being demanded to continually rotate, they also need to transmit the power and signals from a stationary to a rotating position. We use the excellent thermoplastic plastic materials between the metal ring and the resistors as the insulator and when the metal ring is in contact with the multi-touch brush, it owns the characteristics of the high abrasion resistance and stable sliding contact. slip ring can improve the system performance and simplify the system structure, avoiding the wire to sprain during rotation.
rotary joint rotary joint rotary joint rotary joint rotary joint


1. Through hole Φ30 ~ Φ135mm, The largest diameter
2. 200 circuits models
3. Low dynamic contact resistance variance
4. Speed up to 10000 rpm without cooling
5. Insulation over 5000V
6. Surface treatment hardness over HV 900.
7. Compatible with thermocouple and strain gauge


1. Long life and signal stable.
2. Transfer control and data signal.
3. Low contact wear rate.
4. Short lead time for delivery
5. The few quantities order are welcome
6. Customer design are possible.

rotary joint


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