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About Taiwan LH

The leading company of slip rings / rotary joints(connectors)

Taiwan LH was established in 1986, is Taiwan's only one value-added and professional company which own the independent design, development, testing technology, customized production  Modular Slip Rings, Rotary connectors and Slip ring carbon holder.

Taiwan LH can provide a wide range of innovative solutions for automatic device rotation, especially in the field of industrial machinery, from simple applications to highly complex system, whether the transmission power, data signal, image video, we can feature highly intensive project development and simplify system design, high reliability, high service life, meet customer`s application needs, and reduce the delivery time.

Customize the modular system. Our products are widely applied in various fields

rotary joint

The advantages of Taiwan LH are that we can customize the mold system for customers, even the specific application requirements. In fact, it brings together a lot of transmission technology and requires a high level of technical skill and experience accumulation. With more-than-20-yearscombination of technology and the ability, we has succeeded in the electronics, machinery, textile, plastics, packaging, printing, cars, pharmaceutical ... and other application areas. We own the precise, high- performance and high-reliability innovation solution case. Our product in specific applications has been at the highest level for a long time.

Providing high-tech industry more reliable solution

Customer-oriented products and services is a big advantage of Taiwan LH. Currently, we are the most professional company of Modular Slip Ring. By the virtue of outstanding R & D capabilities and extensive experience working with publicly traded manufacturers, the research and development have reached to ROBOT, semiconductor, electronics, optoelectronics, medical , submarine operations ... and other high-tech fields.

We are very proud to be able to provide customers with more advanced and reliable solutions and customized products, and we are constantly exploring new areas, receive larger, more difficult challenge.