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R & D applications

With the rapid development of industrial technology, industrial control process has been integrated into the power transmission, new applications demand data, signals, video-speed transmission.
In the case of factory automatic level, while machinery and equipment upgraded from the uniaxial into the biaxial (multi-axis) for automatic exchange of shaft-type design, which can be applied to the Modular Slip Ring in order to achieve a simple design goal.

slip ring

Our R & D policy is to seek to simplify system design and highly intensify variety of functions, from standard solutions to continue to extend the feasibility of creating a variety of techniques, including slip ring design, and outlet, the shell package, installation type ....with a view to meeting the harsh environment of high technology, automatic systems equipment, changeable and unique production needs.

Taiwan LH is by virtue of the safety and efficacy of the product using the most serious attitude, precise technology to produce high-quality, high-stability products beyond customer`s modular slip ring requirements and expectations.

slip ring

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