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Goals Vision

"In Taiwan, looking throughout the whole world!"Taiwan LH promise that in the rapidly developing field of industrial control, play a key role, both in the high-level application requirements in special automatic equipment and harsh environment. We are more innovative and customized services in order to provide domestic and international customers a more professional slip ring and rotary joint development solution.

Slip rings are precise parts for industrial control. For an overview of the whole set of slip ring and rotary joint, the industrial automation upgrade and the market is constantly expanding.

Taiwan LH has gradually entered the high-level device applications, such as semiconductors, underwater photography ... and so on, enough to be equal with the slip ring expert. Unlike the fixed size and the mass production of marketing services of foreign interbank, we provide modular / customized service in order to be special in the market.

We will continue the integration, innovation, upgrades of product functionality, and view the demands of policy towards safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, research and develop more products, expect that in this  rapid application development market, we can improve market share and reach a sustainable development goals of " In Taiwan, looking throughout the whole world!

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