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>What is a slip ring? 
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>Why Taiwan LH ?   

Why Taiwan LH ?


01.Good design × (Technology + experience) = Success

In the field of slip ring and rotary joints, based on many-years experience, Taiwan LH accumulated considerable experience, the energy and technology, continually own excellent innovative design which can provide automatic rotating machinery, with more precise, secure, high-quality, high-efficiency, high-reliability and stable product, successfully meet the diverse needs of industrial customers to upgrade automatic applications.

02.Provide customized / modular solutions

Because we are the first and only one company which has a modular slip ring / rotary joint design and development of technology, our engineering team has the most customized experience to help customers import the slip-ring biaxial or multiaxial into rotation machinery and equipment. We promise customers that while assisting them in the application , be able to simplify system design and mechanical volume, greatly enhance the value of products and customers.

03.Customer satisfaction service processes

Maintain a close partnership, and our customers grow together is particularly important. Regardless
of size and degree of difficulty scale projects, we are dedicated to provide customers with the best
service, the start of each project, in progress, even after the end, we can keep in close contact and
the customer to confirm whether the design and development of products customer demand
and to achieve high customer satisfaction as the goal.

04.Outstanding importing application performances

Since the Taiwan LH entering the professional area of slip ring、rotary connector, the domestic customers grow rapidly and the international customers has been steadily growing. Currently "slip ring、rotary connector" lead customers into the areas of  semiconductors, electronics, machinery, textile, printing, plastics, packaging, cars, pharmaceutical, lifting, delivery and other industries. The recognition of the customers and the successful experience is the greatest achievement of us!