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>What is a slip ring? 
>How to choose slip ring
>Typical applications
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How to choose the right set of electrical slip ring

Different mechanical structure design and function, related to the appropriate use of slip ring.
Therefore, when a mechanical engineer in the planning the slip ring selection, the following
items must be provided accurate and detailed important information:

1) The type and requirements of the transmission signal, such
as a current signal, an optical signal, the video, audio, optical hybrid
electrical, data transmission speed ... and so on.
2) The amount of current
3) Speed
4) Operating Temperature
5) Impedance Stability
6) Work Environment
7) Protection Level
8) Mounting

Based on specific applications of the slip ring, long ring enterprise
specialized departments and developers will be asked for your
practical custom design, development, production, provide you
with the most economical solution
for the rotation.